How Corporate Video Production Elevates Your Brand

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On the fence about planning a corporate video production? Here are eight benefits of corporate videos to consider. After reading this guide, you can make a more informed decision with your business in mind. In fact, 64% of marketers plan to increase their video marketing. Over 80% of consumer web traffic is generated through video content too. Discover how corporate website videos can boost your business today!

1. Boost Brand Awareness

It can sometimes take seven impressions in front of a customer before you start building brand awareness. If you’re not generating awareness, consumers may not remember your brand.

You can use high-quality corporate videos to appear in front of your customers. Thought-provoking messages could help you remain top-of-mind too.

Consider using emotions to appeal to your target audience. An emotional connection could help them remember who you are. They will begin to associate your brand with that emotion. As brand awareness starts to grow, so will recognition.

If consumers need your product or service in the future, they may recall seeing your videos. They won’t have to research other brands. Instead, they’ll choose your business directly. 

Before planning a corporate video production, consult an experienced production company. Leverage their experience and guidance. They can help you create corporate website videos that connect with your audience. 

There are different ways you can connect with customers. For example, you can:

  • Tell a story

  • Offer industry-specific information

  • Educate them about your product/service

  • Spark curiosity

  • Get them excited about an upcoming event

Video content will draw more people to your brand, increase brand awareness, and offer more opportunities to connect with your audience.

2. Engage Your Audience

People stop to watch video content. You can add videos to different marketing strategies, including:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

  • Social media marketing

  • Email marketing

Adding videos to these digital marketing strategies can help you capture the consumer’s attention. They’ll stop scrolling through a sea of still photos when a video starts to play. You’ll have an easier time engaging your target audience with high-quality corporate videos. 

In fact, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands they support. Consumers claim video content is the most engaging form of content.

You can use your corporate website videos to encourage consumers to take specific actions. Over 60% of consumers purchase products after watching branded videos. You can also use a call to action to encourage people to contact you, leading to an influx of leads. 

3. Build Trust

Consumers might not shop from your brand if they don’t trust your business. You can plan a corporate video production to foster brand trust.

Create videos that help you showcase honesty and transparency. For example, you can give consumers a “behind-the-scenes” look into your business. You can also use video content to demonstrate your experience and expertise in the industry.

You could even become a thought leader in the process. 

As they learn more about your brand, they might decide to trust you. Then, they’ll start shopping, helping you boost business.

4. Appeal to Mobile Users

More people are relying on their phones to find information and local businesses. If you’re not engaging your mobile audience, you might miss leads.

You can use social media marketing and streaming sites to engage your mobile audience. Posting more video content will help you stand out online. 

People can watch videos during their morning commute, lunch break, or before bed. You can focus your marketing strategy where your customers are spending their time: online. Then, you can draw more people to your business with ease.

5. Boost Your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your website appear higher on search engine result pages. A higher ranking will position you ahead of the competition. 

If you’re not up-to-date with the latest SEO trends, your ranking could drop. One of the biggest trends this year is video content. In fact, Google loves videos. 

You can post and optimize corporate website videos to improve your search engine rankings. Then, consumers can visit your website to learn more about your business. From there, they can convert into a lead or sale.

Videos also appear as featured snippets. Snippets appear at the very top of search result pages. You can rank ahead of the competition and generate more traffic. 

6. Simplify Concepts

It’s sometimes difficult to explain complicated concepts with text only. If you can’t explain a concept, you could confuse your customers. Instead, use corporate website videos to simplify the information.

Videos are easier to understand and digest. Consumers can learn more about your product or service with less confusion. You’ll have an easier time engaging and informing them as a result.

7. Encourage Sharing

As you explore the benefits of corporate videos, take a look at your social media posts. Are people sharing your content? If not, consider creating more videos.

Consumers love sharing video content with others. As they share your posts, you can reach a broader audience, generating more brand awareness and leads. 

8. Generate Leads and Sales

Remember, consumers want to see more video content from the brands they love. You can use videos to engage and inform your customers. The information they gather might help them make a buying decision. 

Don’t forget, videos can help you build brand trust too. In time, trust can help you build a loyal following. You can nurture your leads, generate repeat sales, and improve your ROI.

Instead of wasting time and money on low-quality marketing strategies, create high-quality corporate videos. Video content could help set your business up for growth and success. 

Start Rolling: 8 Benefits of Corporate Video Production for Your Business

Don’t miss a chance to give your business a boost. Instead, keep these benefits of corporate videos in mind. With a corporate video production, you can reach and engage your audience.

Then, you can generate leads and sales to set your business up for lasting growth. 

Ready to work on your next video production? We’re here to help. Get a quote from our team today to get started!

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