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Earlier this month, we announced our official “kinda sorta” move from La Grange to Brookfield to our network via a digital newsletter. It has always been the plan to have one central production hub, combining our office space with our production studio. The last few months made us realize now was the time to make that move! 

We’ve had the pleasure of hosting many of you at our studio over the years. Some of you have even seen the work that we’ve done rehabbing the first floor of the attached building. And now, we’re going all in! Henceforth, Motion Source will be headquartered at our Brookfield studio property:

8928 Fairview Avenue, Brookfield, IL 60513

We will be rehabbing the second floor of the building attached to the studio, and will be turning the entire space into a video production hub. Offices, studio, courtyard, convenient parking lot–everything will now be centralized. 

Studio-based Solutions

Owning and operating a studio is an incredible asset for a production company, and the last few months specifically have proven that for us. When we weren’t allowed to go on-location, we turned to our own location. From bedroom sets to workshops, for photo shoots and video shoots, we have been able to transform the studio to keep projects moving forward. 

These “before” and “after” photos are from a recent photo and video shoot where we built out a bedroom set in our lounge.



And these “before” and “after” photos are from a recent product video shoot where we built out a workshop set in the studio against the back flat wall.



Next up for the studio, we are preparing to build a bathroom set for a brand video. As you can see, the space is quite versatile! We even highlighted a few remote video solutions, including product and service videos in the studio for you to consider.

For further proof that the studio is a blank canvas ready for creative projects, check out our studio reel, featuring clips from music videos, commercials, brand videos, and more.

Whether it’s for your next studio shoot or a meeting and La Croix in the courtyard, we look forward to seeing you at our “kinda sorta” new home!

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