Delivering Motion Source’s 2019 Holiday Gift

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The last few months, we have been working on a very special project: our 2019 holiday gift! If you have been following along, then you will know that we announced in September that we would be, for the second year, gifting a video to a local nonprofit. Now, we are excited to share that final video!

After receiving a number of submissions from nonprofits, each incredible and deserving, we announced the recipient: Coping Together. This local nonprofit organization is committed to helping individuals with developmental disabilities receive quality treatment for emotional, psychological, and behavioral challenges.

We worked with Shelley Skas, owner and licensed clinical professional counselor, and Patrick O’Malley, executive director and board certified behavior analyst, to create an awareness video for Coping Together. The nonprofit’s biggest challenge was that people and organizations who could benefit from their services did not even know they exist or could receive those services for free! Coping Together needed a way to get their message out, and a video was the perfect way to do that.

Coping Together partners with many organizations and agencies to provide services within their own programming. One of those partners, The Douglas Center, opened their doors to us for this project and served as a wonderful example of Coping Together’s ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) services in action. The other side of Coping Together is the mental health services, which are provided in therapy sessions; occasionally, those sessions include a cuddly therapy dog named Buoy!

Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are at an increased risk for developing mental health disorders and exhibiting behavior disorders. Coping Together addresses both of those areas which makes them such an important asset in the lives of these individuals.

To learn more, please watch the video here:

This project has been an incredible experience for our team; and definitely got us in the spirit of giving this holiday season. Working with Shelley, Pat, and the Coping Together team was a gift in itself, and we hope that their new video will create more awareness of their mission and garner more support. TOGETHER, we can make a difference!

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