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A famous Fred Rogers quote goes, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” The Les Turner ALS Foundation, at its core and in all they do, are helpers. We have had the privilege of working with them for over 5 years, so we have seen that firsthand. 

This latest project marked our fifth “Hope Through Caring” video, a video created for and premiered at their annual Hope Through Caring Gala fundraiser. This year’s project took a different path; one more focused on the Foundation as a whole, the brand, the values, and the people who make up this family.

Jordyn Landberg, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Foundation, was at the helm.

“After working with Motion Source on videos the past several years, we approached them this year with a different idea. Rather than focus on a specific person’s story, we wanted to tell a more generalized story of what our Foundation does through the various members that make up our community. Motion Source helped us create a beautiful, impactful and hopeful video that gives both new constituents and old a strong message of who we are.”

The idea grew into what would be a Foundation brand video, showing who “We are…” to the world. As the video begins, “We are more than a diagnosis; more than a disease; more than a statistic. We are so much more than three little letters.” The “We are…” anthem continues throughout the piece, highlighting the many parts that make up the Foundation as a whole.

Hallie Kobylski, Marketing & Communications Manager at the Foundation, worked with our team through the creative development, pre-production, and coordination for the shoots, two of which took place with families personally affected by ALS.

The Greer family and the Queyquep family are ingrained in the fabric of the Foundation. Patti Greer, mother and wife, has been living with ALS since 2016. The Greer family represents individuals and families living with ALS; their struggles, yes, but also their unwavering love, support, and hope. Eric Queyquep, father and husband, was diagnosed with ALS in 2009, and passed away in 2012. Ninfa and her sons represent supporters; those who have lost someone to ALS, but continue the fight against the disease through participation in Foundation events and fundraising. Both families, incredibly strong and kind, opened their homes to us to capture a small part of what their day looks like, and how they are integral members of the Foundation’s family.

Some behind-the-scenes photos from shoots with the Greer family, the Queyquep family, and the Les Turner ALS Foundation staff.







Michelle Maslanka and Hallie Kobylski

Michelle Maslanka and Hallie Kobylski

The video went on to premiere at the Hope Through Caring Gala on Saturday, February 22, 2020 to an audience of more than 500 attendees, including 22 people living with ALS. I was honored to be able to attend the event as well, celebrate with many wonderful people, and see the video on the big screen; it was an incredible night.

Jordyn and the Foundation thought so too. “After playing the video at this year’s Hope Through Caring Gala, we ended up raising over $950,000 – a record breaking number! And the video they created has a much broader application. We will be able to use it in educational opportunities as well as fundraising campaigns for the next two or three years. A very worthwhile investment.”

(L to R) Jordyn Landberg, Michelle Maslanka, Hallie Kobylski

(L to R) Jordyn Landberg, Michelle Maslanka, Hallie Kobylski

“Working with Motion Source year after year has helped us develop a relationship where their team really understands our mission and the brand messages we are working to convey. Their interactions with our staff and the people we serve is always kind and professional. We are grateful to have them!”

You can watch the final video below, and learn more about the Foundation on their website at

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