3 Trends for 2020 – The Tip of the Trend Iceberg

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We are almost a month into a new year, and even more so, kicking off a new decade. Welcome 2020! Marketers are constantly on the look out for consumer trends to better communicate their brand messaging and initiate successful campaigns. Trends are ever-changing and ever-evolving. While at their core, trends stem from basic human needs, each year, they change based on the current consumer climate. I turned to some experts on the subject for this blog article.

TrendWatching is one of the world’s leading trend firms. They monitor and compile emerging consumer trends throughout the year. And with teams across the globe (London, Singapore, and New York, to name a few), they offer quite a comprehensive perspective. Each year, they host events to present these trends in person, with the help of a variety of TrendWatching representatives and guest speakers. Personally, I have attended two of the TrendWatching events in Chicago, one of which we filmed and created an event recap video. They also provide a select group of trends for free through articles and webinars.

TrendWatching states, “New trends emerge when change unlocks new ways to serve basic human needs.” Here are three of the trends they recently presented for 2020 and our take on them:

1. GREEN PRESSURE: In 2020, consumers move from eco-status to eco-shame.

We are dealing with environmentally conscious consumers. This trend is not new, but it has been evolving, quickly! “Going green” is more important now than ever before, and consumers are turning to more eco-friendly brands.

In 2019, we had firsthand experience with this trend with our client Fibre Box Association who launched a new campaign addressing corrugated packaging and sustainability. From a brand video to an overview of the corrugated industry to social media spots highlighting recycling specifically, their messaging was consistent and positioned their brand and eco-status.

TrendWatching reports that this trend will take it a step further. Now, it will be less about eco-status alone, but more about the “why are you not choosing an eco-friendly solution?”. Brands are comparing their offerings to those of their competitors to position themselves as eco-conscious.

According to TrendWatching, the mentality will be “No longer status if you opt in. It is shame if you opt out.”


2. METAMORPHIC DESIGN: Consumers demand relevance as a service.

Relevance and personalization has evolved. There is a consumer expectation of constant adaptation- “the upgrade”. We see this in almost every industry: the newest, the latest, the improved versions of a product or service. Innovation is key here. How does a product or service work for the consumer, on an individual level, when the individual is ever-changing?

We worked with Grayhill Inc. to create a video for one of their products: the Touch Encoder. The product was designed to be highly customizable and serve a range of industries. For a company that has been around for over 75 years, they are positioning their brand as innovators, adapting with the times.

According to TrendWatching, “A true perfect fit means constant adaptation around the changing individual.”


3. CIVIL MEDIA: Why the future of social is meaningful connections.

The debate of social media bringing us together vs. tearing us apart has been going on for some time. As humans we crave connection and support. Social media was intended to encourage meaningful connections, a promise of sharing and knowledge. And there is still hope for the future of social. Increasingly we are seeing interest groups, pop-up communities, and brand partnerships with platforms.

While a slight stray from this trend, the idea of connections and bringing people together reminded me of one of my favorite projects from 2019 with the Les Turner ALS Foundation. The video highlighted the idea of “paying it forward” and the connection between the Foundation and those they help, and in turn, how those individuals have gone on to help others.

According to TrendWatching, “Support. We all need support from others…We live in a society…We need support from the community, the collective around us.”

As the title states, this is just the tip of the iceberg! You can check out two more trends from TrendWatching here and follow along with the webinar. TrendWatching advocates action. It is one thing to know these trends, but another to utilize them with your own brand. Here is to a successful 2020!

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